Tips and Advice on How to sell iPhone 4 for Cash

Once you have made the decision to sell iPhone 4 for cash, you have several options to choose from. Although it is a used device, your iPhone 4 might be worth more money than you might think. Therefore, instead of throwing it away into a drawer just because you have upgraded to the latest iPhone model, sell it to get some money that you can use to fund the purchase of a new iPhone. Our experts provide tips and advice that will enable you to get the best deal while selling your used iPhone 4 for cash.

Know the options that you have

While selling iPhone 4 for cash, there are several options that you should consider. There are iPhone sale services that will enable you to sell your device without paying any fee while others will charge you a fee for the sale of your iPhone. Most services will charge you a certain percentage of the price that you ask for the device. Therefore, weigh the options that you have before you choose the platform to use while selling your iPhone. Nevertheless, the options enable you to get extra cash by selling your iPhone instead of throwing it in a drawer or giving it to another person for free.

Determine the worth of your iPhone 4

With some iPhone sale services, you can get a free quote online using their quote tools online. Nevertheless, you can conduct online research to determine the price at which you can sell your iPhone 4. There are many sellers of used iphone 4 online. Take time to read review at which they are selling their devices. However, always remember that the condition of your device will determine its worth as well as the place where you sell it. The time when you sell your iPhone 4 will also influence its price. The best time to sell a used iPhone is usually when there is no cause of increased supply of used iPhones in the market such as the announcement of the launch or release of a new iPhone model.

Prepare your iPhone 4 for sale properly

Since buyers will pay for the device, they want to be certain that it is worth the value of their money. As such, it is important that you take time to prepare your device for sale. This includes cleaning the device with a soft cloth. You should also erase personal data from the iPhone. Make sure that the device is as if it is new. You should also unlock the device because unlocked iPhones attract more prospective buyers. Most buyers are also willing to pay more for unlocked iPhones because they can be used with any carrier. Therefore, unlock your iPhone so that you can get more interested buyers and sell it at a higher price.

We know why you want to sell iPhone 4 for cash and our goal is to ensure that you get the best deal for your device. Get the full details on our iPhone sale service you can  save time and sell your device at the best price possible.

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